Тест по фотографии • проверь свои знания

This simple test will help you find out your gaps in knowledge of your camera.

It will provide you more arguments for choosing between "Basics of digital photography" course and "Intermediate photography" course. we will be happy to discuss results with you at any both on the phone and personally: 095 119-15-17 • 068 119-15-17 • 093 119-15-17. 

20 Questions you need to answer:

1. Destructive grain or "noise" appears in the frame at ISO value equal to

2. Which of these lenses is for landscape session?

3. A hot shoe is

4. While shooting a landscape, the most often used aperture is…

5. The key to a good shot is such a composition technique as...

6. The rule of the "Golden Section" is also called...

7. Bokeh is ...

8. If you increase focal length of the lens, the angle of view will be:

9. Softbox is…

10. Minimum Shutter Speeds for Handheld Shooting with a lens of 200 mm focal length is…

11. Distortion – barrel-shaped curvature of lines at the edges of the frame - is inherent to

12. The color temperature of which light source is closest to natural sunlight?

13. Which factor does NOT affect digital noise?

14. You are filming from the window of a moving car. Motion blur appears in the picture. Which objects will be more blurred?

15. You shoot a person against the background of an architectural monument. How can you zoom in on the background without changing the size of the person in the frame?

16. In order To Create Real Motion Blur In Your Photo the best mode for the camera would be?

17. In low light conditions, to improve AF speed, focus on:

18. To make the lemur on the background sharp and clear, you need:

19. Select the most open aperture:

20. Application of which filter will significantly increase the exposure time?

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