Пейзаж в путешествии – курс Игоря Червоненко

Igor Chervonenko's course on landscape and travel photography. New program for amateurs and travellers. What makes an impressive photo? Beautiful model, great location and reliable equipment. And some technical skills. Natural and architectural landscapes are fabulous models for a photographer.  They are patient and alsways stand still. May be it's next to impossible to become a professional landscape photographer after one course programme. But it's possible to get the highest concentration of ideas, tips and techniqute right from the first hand. From the practicing professional.  

Start on 26th of June. During 5 lessons (13 hours) of the course you will find answers for 100 quesions like:

  • What kind of effect we will get by using neutral density filter and long shutter speed in daytime conditions? 
  • Why it's better to shoot on "blue or golden" hour? 
  • What tripod is the best for your needs?  
  • How to define interesting locations in advance? 
  • People in the landscape  – drawback or advantage?
  • Thinking by Series: how differrent angles can define the landscape of a certain location? 

Ater this course your travels throughout Earth will become twisted adventures! 

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* minimal group - 5 people

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Пейзаж и фото в путешествии


Lesson 1. Equipment and outfit of travel photographer.

  • Cameras and necessary lenses. 
  • Caps, blends your salvation from sun glints.
  • Lens filters: graduated filter, graduated neutral density filter (GND), neutral density filter (ND)
  • Tripods. Protection covers and trunks.
  • Speedlight and reflectors. 
  • how to keep your tools in proper state? 

Lesson 2. Camera. Exposure. Lenses. 

  • Pecularities of travel photo. Weather conditions. 
  • Abilities of your camera  (ISO, WB and other).
  • Depth of field, focusing. Hyperfocal distance.
  • Aperture and shutterspeed. Exposure. Choosing exposure pairs. 
  • Dynamic range. Bracketing. Multiple exposure.
  • RAW or JPG ?

Lesson 3. Outdoor class. "Blue hour" shoot. 

  • Planning your shoot: blue hour, weather conditions, looking for angles and other important aspects in landscape.  
  • How to make water surface non-transparent but smooth and mirror-like?  
  • Water transparency. CPL (circle polarizing filter) 
  • Using camera modes. 
  • Using filters to modify light conditions. 

Lesson 4. Outdoor night shot. «Golden hour»

  • City landscape in the night. Peculiarities of the shoot. 
  • Luminant objects in motion. 
  • Blue sky. How to leave it blue. 
  • Speedlight and reflector in use. 

lesson 5. Starscape shoot. Participants portfolio revue and analysis.  Contest for the best travel photo. 

  • How to shoot Milky Way? 
  • Beautiful tracks of rotating sky. 
  • Mesmerizing star stream. 
  • 10 pieces of advice about composition of your shot. 
  • Portfolio revue. Sharig ideas and critics. 
  • Best travel photo contest. 
  • Diplomas and certificates for the winners. 


Group price - €160   
Individual lesson - €80
Dates and time can be discussed.  

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Пейзаж и фото в путешествии на уроках фотографа Игоря Червоненко

Отзывы о курсе

Туристическая фотография – это три жанра: портрет, репортаж и пейзаж